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Ornamental Plants
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Working for greener world, one of Bernardo Alzate Nursery, Inc goals is to minimize the use of harmful chemicals for our environment.

We are a family company with more than 20 years in Florida. During this time we have been characterized by our commitment to the people who believe in us and the quality of our work. We are growers of ornamental plants for companies engaged in construction and landscaping. Let`s work together for a greener world. 


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  • Reg. Fakahatchee

    3 Galons

    Regular Fakahatchee 3 Gal
  • Wax Jasmine

    3 Galons
  • Cocoplum Red

    3 Galons
    Cocoplum Red Tip 3 Gal
  • Gld. Mound Duranta

    3 Galons
    Gold Mound Duranta 3 Gal (1)
  • Green Buttonwood

    3 Galons
  • Indian Hawthorne

    3 Galons
    Indian Hawthorne 3 Gal.
  • Juniper Parsonii

    3 Galons
  • Plumbago

    3 Galons
  • Podocarpus Maki

    3 Galons
  • Regular Fire Bush

    3 Galons
  • Viburnum Suspensum

    3 Galons
  • Sea Grape


Location: 16290 Rustic Rd. Wellington, Fl 33470 / Phone: 561-386 5275 / 561-793 7083 / Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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